Porter Ranch Estates
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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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President's Message

During the January meeting, the Board approved the 2018-2019 budget of approximately $2.4 million that will keep the monthly dues at $175, and re-allocate approximately $66,000 from the future dues previously intended for the reserves to the operating account.  This will keep our reserve account at over 70%, enable us to continue with road projects and all of the necessary improvements and maintenance for our HOA's infrastructure, and meet the increased costs due to water usage and other expenses.  The total of our HOA funds is a record of over $4.5 million, and I believe we can continue to increase our reserves while we complete the remaining road projects.  We replaced the spot lights on our new flag poles to provide increased illumination for the flags at night.  We are planning on installing a new gate for emergency use between the Sesnon guard house and the pool so we can gain quicker access to the pool area for any emergencies that may be necessary in that area.  I encourage all homeowners and residents to report any issues that you may have so we can continue to improve our HOA to management@prehoa.com.


                                         Craig Forry, NCCA President




We have added two video cameras to the entrance to the recreation area that provides us with high definition and color video coverage of most of our pool and recreation areas on a two week loop to provide for increased security for those areas.  We have ordered four additional trash cans for our pool and recreational area.  We are waiting for the specifications for our April road project from our project engineer, and we will then solicit bids and approve a bid at the March meeting.  The April road project will resurface Crystal Springs Circle and link all of the prior road resurfacing areas.  We approved the removal of a large dead tree from a remote area in our HOA that constituted a fire hazard.  This project was the result of a report from a homeowner and illustrates the value of each homeowner being "eyes and ears" for our community and reporting issues that need attention.  If any homeowner or resident believes there is an issue that we need to address, please email management@prehoa.com and report the issue so we can respond.  If you see any objects or debris in our streets, please pick them up as I do on my bike rides, and together we can continue to maintain our community.


Every year the fire department sends out the same request to each homeowner regarding clearance of brush and vegetation around their homes. It is each homeowners responsibility to respond to the Fire Department regarding brush clearance around their personal property. Homeowners have the opportunity to respond in a timely manner each year and have their clearance assessment waived, if they are in compliance, when each homeowner is duly notified. The Fire Department sent out notices during the first or second week of March to residence in brush and shrubbery areas to clear the vegetation around their home. Certification of compliance can be completed on line by submitting the 2017 Self Inspection Affidavit. A chart of the clearance requirements can also be found at: www.lafd.org/fire prevention/brush/introduction. (Please be sure to verify your deadline on notice)
The association is responsible only for the weed abatement on association or common areas. Each year our landscape company for the master association spends several days around the perimeter of the community as well as all common areas in reducing our fire risk and keeping our landscape in compliance with fire regulations.
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Dog messes need to be picked up by the OWNER.  This is not the job for our security or landscapers!
Effective immediately and until September 15, 2015, The pool will close at 12:00am.
Sunday - Thursday
6:00am - 10:00pm
Friday, Saturday and Holidays
6:00am - 12:00am
To pay online click on the "Management Company" page (left column of this page). Follow the instructions on the top of the page.  At this time it only accepts payment thru your checking or savings account.


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~ Guard Gate Houses ~
Sesnon: 818-360-3066
Tampa: 818-831-0915
Call Down Number: 818-832-1219