Porter Ranch Estates
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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
President's Message
At its October meeting, the Board voted the following officer
President - Craig Forry                        Vice-President - Sandy Makkar
Treasurer - Karen Vo                       Secretary- Tom Stramat
Member at Large- Bob Gellert
The board also voted the members for the Landscaping and Architectural committees, and the Hearing panel for violations.  I look forward to working with our new board, committees, and panel to make our HOA as efficient and responsive as possible, while not increasing our monthly dues. Please remember on the windy Sunday-Mondays to  lightly tape the top of the recycling bin to keep it from opening, using bags as much as possible, and if the bin is not sufficiently full, consider waiting another week when it may not be windy.  If you get up at about 6:00 am, you can get your bins out in the morning as I do.  Please remember our core teammates at ABM Property Management, The Centurion Group, and Gothic Grounds Management this holiday season, as they are working diligently for all of us all year long, and their service to our community is very important in  maintaining and improving our HOA, and tokens of
appreciation are encouraged .
The Board approved a draft of the audit of our finances for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, and the draft will be circulated to the members in the near future.
I am happy to report that we continue to pay our operating expenses, and complete small and large maintenance projects, while keeping our dues at $175 per month, one of the lowest of the HOAs in our area.  Our reserve balance continues to increase each year, and the balances for the past years that I have been President are:
2017 $4.421 million Percent Funded 78.8%
2016 $3.395 million Percent Funded 63.5%
2015 $2.872 million Percent Funded 55.7%
2014 $2.545 million Percent Funded 45.9%
This represents a "strong Reserve Fund position" with a "low risk of special assessments or deferred maintenance". Our multi-year Funding Plan is designed to gradually bring us to a 100% level, that we would reach if we reserve about $5.6 million. Major projects under consideration are road repaving (April 2018), slurry coat of previous repaving sections, and LCD Message Boards at both entrances.  We have added two video cameras to provide us better coverage of the pool parking lot and recreation area gate and basketball court.  The basketball court lights were out for a while because the lights malfunctioned, but we obtained new ones at no cost under the warranty, so the courts are again open after dark.
MAILBOX Reminder
Any mail boxes that are not maintained by the Gardens shall be maintained by the homeowner. Upon, request the Association will provide the homeowner with approved specification for the installation, repair, or replacement of the mailbox. Any installation without the use of approved specifications is subject to prior approval of the Architectural Committee. Also, please be advised that if you are in violation of the maintenance of your mailbox you are subject to a 30 notice to repair or replace. Any failure to comply with the first 30 day notice shall results in fines starting at $100.
Violation Due Process Procedure
If you violate one of our rules while operating your vehicle, the roving security officer will video-tape the incident, record the driver's license, and follow the vehicle to the residence or out the gate, while continuing to tape.  Often during this trip, additional failures to stop at stop signs and other violations are recorded.  The officer does not confront the driver to avoid physical and verbal abuse, and will submit the violation notice to our property manager, ABM Property Management.   ABM will then mail a violation notice letter to the owner of the property at the owner's address, and inform the owner of the opportunity to attend a hearing panel meeting to present any explanation or defense.  Tenants should be aware that the violation notice letter will be sent to the landlord, and landlords are encouraged to forward the letters to tenants. If the hearing panel upholds the violation or no appearance is made by the violator or his/her representative, the fine will be assessed.  A ruling letter is then sent to the owner/landlord informing them of the opportunity to appeal to the HOA Board of Directors at its executive board meeting.  This procedure is designed to provide due process and a fair review of all violations.  The primary purpose of our violation procedure is not to collect money, it is to encourage all drivers to observe our traffic rules, and to maximize the safety of our roads and sidewalks for our neighbors and guests.
Every year the fire department sends out the same request to each homeowner regarding clearance of brush and vegetation around their homes. It is each homeowners responsibility to respond to the Fire Department regarding brush clearance around their personal property. Homeowners have the opportunity to respond in a timely manner each year and have their clearance assessment waived, if they are in compliance, when each homeowner is duly notified. The Fire Department sent out notices during the first or second week of March to residence in brush and shrubbery areas to clear the vegetation around their home. Certification of compliance can be completed on line by submitting the 2017 Self Inspection Affidavit. A chart of the clearance requirements can also be found at: www.lafd.org/fire prevention/brush/introduction. (Please be sure to verify your deadline on notice)
The association is responsible only for the weed abatement on association or common areas. Each year our landscape company for the master association spends several days around the perimeter of the community as well as all common areas in reducing our fire risk and keeping our landscape in compliance with fire regulations.
WEBSITE REFRESH (F5 for full refresh)
Dog messes need to be picked up by the OWNER.  This is not the job for our security or landscapers!
Effective immediately and until September 15, 2015, The pool will close at 12:00am.
Sunday - Thursday
6:00am - 10:00pm
Friday, Saturday and Holidays
6:00am - 12:00am
To pay online click on the "Management Company" page (left column of this page). Follow the instructions on the top of the page.  At this time it only accepts payment thru your checking or savings account.


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